Friday, August 3, 2012

Remembering Aunt Rena

 4 Springtime at Irena's II 

“I am a great niece of Irena McCormick, whose home was depicted in your painting of "Springtime at Irena's".  We knew her only as Aunt Rena when we visited her at Covesville, Va.  My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Tommy McCormick rented a small home at Covehill Farm down the road where Aunt Rena lived.  She was the sister of my grandmother, Linnie Agnes Berry Shipp, and we usually visited Covesville during the summer months. My husband and I rediscovered Aunt Rena's home on a trip to visit Monticello recently. The house is now painted gray and is not quite as well kept as when Aunt Rena had it, but I am eternally grateful to you for the memory of her home that you have preserved through your prints and the information about her on your website.”
Thank you,
Linnie Shipp Donahue
(shared with permission)

Dempsey Visits the Workshop

6 Workshop of Dav Co.

Dempsey visited the Workshop of Davidson County recently and helped the adult students with their art projects. “They loved me being there but I loved it more. They are so enthusiastic and eager to learn,” Dempsey shared. Their art was sold at an Art From the Heart fundraising dinner last month where Dempsey was the guest speaker.

Dempsey Captures Beth Leonard's Talent

2 D B & Can 2 Card Front Zinnia Beth Leonard’s greenhouse is the ‘go to’ spot in Welcome. Beth is best known for bedding plants, geraniums and ferns but she offers so much more. She mixes her own potting soil, creates funeral baskets, and her succulent dish gardens are a must have... Ninety eight percent of what Beth offers she grows herself. Dempsey has recently created a beautiful painting featuring an assortment of Beth’s zinnias with an old 1940’s watering can (a hand me down from Beth’s mom), a faded garden sign, and two visiting goldfinches.