Friday, May 15, 2015


Due to popular demand by those fans flaunting Duke blue T-shirts, artist and avid North Carolina fan Dempsey Essick forced himself to create a 2015 Duke National Championship Doodle. "It killed him to do it, but turnabout is fair play," Shelley Essick said.The cartoon, autographed, hand touched in blue and brown by the artist, and packaged in a glacine sleeve is available with a $1 donation to the Workshop of Davidson Country. If Dempsey happens to be in the shop he will gladly personalize it at no charge. Limit 2 per visit though you may come back. DUKE Doodles may also printed off at Dempsey's website.

Cutest COUPLE Wins Perfect PAIR

Hannah, Dempsey & Braydon
Congratulations to Braydon Hughes, door prize winner at our 2015 Spring Open House event. Braydon won a framed pair of Dempsey's prints, "Pansy Faces". He registered on day 1 of our 3 day event while shopping for a Mother's Day gift.  Braydon and his girlfriend Hannah Swicegood (pictured here with Dempsey) were recent winners in the CUTEST COUPLE CONTEST sponsored by our local newspaper, The Dispatch. They are indeed a cute couple and we wish them much happiness.