Saturday, March 16, 2013

Confessions of a Puzzle-holic

“I am a puzzle-holic and I admit it, “ share Rhonda Summer. “ We have a house here and one at the lake and I have puzzles going both places. They are quite addictive.” Rhonda is pictured with her daughter Rebecca who is not into puzzles … yet. Rhonda purchased these three puzzles on her most recent visit.

Would You Sign My Puzzle?

Carole Demmy shared her thoughts on the framed ‘Carolina Calling’ puzzle she brought in for Dempsey to sign. “I thought the hard part would be the sky but it was the flowers instead. I found one of the three hidden hummers and I worked for a month on and off to get this completed. It is the most recent addition to my private Dempsey Essick Collection.”