Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Perfect Pair

Mrs. E of Winston Salem shared this photo of the Essick art hanging in her living room. “Morning Coffee” and “Afternoon Tea” are very versatile prints and can be dressed up or dressed down. We would love to see how you have displayed Dempsey’s work in your home. 


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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

“Mary’s Secret Garden”

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Dempsey Shares

“I receive hundreds of emails with painting suggestions but somehow the one from Mary Elliott caught my eye,” Dempsey shared “and I think it was divine intervention.”

“As I studied the photos Mary had attached of her house and flower garden I was instantly drawn to them. I could tell there was something special about her home place. I love old architecture, florals and birds and a painting idea began to form in my mind. Real art comes from the heart and my heart was touched and I fell in love with the place before I ever went there.”

“It was a wonderful experience meeting and getting to know Mary Elliott. I was in awe of her great knowledge of gardening. She loves nature and nature loves her- you can tell this by the way the plants respond to her loving touch. Even though Mary is not in the painting, you can see her finger prints all over it. “

“Mary’s Secret Garden” goes on sale May 9th at Dempsey’s Place.  You will really enjoy your search for the hidden hummer in this painting.

Words of Inspiration


The following email has served as such an encouragement to Dempsey and we wanted to share it with you.

I don’t know if this email will find its way to Mr. Essick, but I really hope it does. I am not an art critic, I don’t even know a lot about the art world, but I do have my taste in what my eyes find to be art and beauty. I am an amateur physicist, astronomer, shade tree mechanic, and my profession is IT so art is usually the farthest thing from my mind, but from what I saw today, I need to comment…

Since I was small, I have seen all kinds of art from the guy who used to paint on public TV to museums where you can see the old world master’s pieces to the garbage that some call modern art or expressive art(just my opinion). From all that I have seen, the idea of true artistic talent comes from the ability to translate what the eye sees, as realistically as possible to a piece of canvas or paper. When I strolled through museums in places like Moscow, Tbilisi, and Raleigh I was truly amazed at the ability of those old world artists to re-create a portrait of something they were looking at. In my mind, anyone can splash some color and shape some ill-defined figures on a canvas and call it art – but only those with true talent can mimic what a camera can do. And you sir – are one of the later.

I was in my doctor’s office today and while waiting for my appointment, saw a print of “Wilson Creek” on the wall. I stood up, walked over to it, and stared for 15 minutes or so taking in every small detail – until the nurse called my name. I truly have never been so fascinated by a piece. The water, the individual leaves, the shading on the trees, all of it was all truly incredible. I honestly couldn’t believe that someone could take that much time and effort for that detail so I looked up your name on the Internet and came across your website where I was greeted with other examples of what you do. I am utterly shocked and speechless at your abilities. I would trade everything I know about physics, astronomy, cars, and IT to have a small percent of that talent!

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your art is out there and captivating those like me that understand that there have only been a few privileged people ever to have lived on this planet that can mimic the lens of a camera and you sir are one of those lucky few! I hope one day soon to visit your shop with my wife as we are close by.


Eric Scarlett