Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Quilter & A Quilt Lover

Dempsey certainly enjoyed visiting with Rosa G. of Asheboro especially when he found out she had a homemade quilt in the car. Dempsey loves quilts and was very impressed with the neat, exact stitching on the split rail fence pattern pictured here. “Seeing this makes me want to paint another quilt, “ Dempsey sighed. Rosa's niece, Margaret G. is avid Essick Art Lover and was responsible for the visit. Thanks Margaret!  

Rosa G, Dempsey, and Rosa's niece Marrgaret G.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Fond Recollection at Christmas Time


Just to send a heartfelt thank you for the lovely “Serenity” and “Tranquility” prints. The first cousins remaining in my maternal grandparents family met on Saturday evening in Alamance County to celebrate the holiday season. We seldom see each other but have fond memories of our grandparents’ old farm, where I grew up just outside of Greensboro. We were all seated in the living room after dinner, when my brother and sister-in-law gave each of us a beautifully wrapped little square. Each of us opened the gift, to find either “Serenity” or “Tranquility.” As you can imagine, there were looks of complete surprise and gasps. We had not seen the little china pattern in years. It was my grandmother and grandfather’s routine every day to have that on the kitchen table and she always made his coffee and used the creamer and pitcher and a cup and saucer--not a lot of pieces of it, even then. I must say that I cried because this was the first cup I ever had “coffee” out of. It was really cow’s milk with just a little bit of coffee so that I could be “big” and sit at the table with my “Papa” before he went outside to work on the farm. My grandmother cherished those dishes and she had very little. They lived a meager but very happy existence and we have such wonderful memories. Your artwork brought a flood of memories and wonderful conversation. ( With permission from Pamela F.)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Youngest Collector

Sweet lil’ Elli McKinley C. is pictured here with her very own Dempsey Essick Art. Dempsey personalized the crayon box in the print with her birth information and now the picture hangs opposite her crib. Eli was born prematurely but has made up for lost time and is doing great. She made a special trip to the gallery recently to see here favorite artist. “She is my youngest collector,” Dempsey shared, “ as this art was selected for her before she was even born.”
Childers 2


Childers Eli

Childers 3

A Christmas Coincidence

“And this is a gift for my friend Andrea,” Susan I. shared at the front counter today and low and behold up walks Andrea B.who was shopping in the gallery and overheard her name.  Neither knew the other was present.  Thankfully Andrea did not see what her good friend Susan had selected for her.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ebel Who? Skiver What?

Yes, it was ebelskivers that we served at Christmas Open House. (Ebelskivers are tiny homemade pancakes and ours were stuffed with cooked apples.) They were made by Sherry Smith and she would be delighted to fill your order. A variety of flavors and fillings are available. Ask her about the Red Velvet ebelskivers.
Aunt Sherry’s Gourmet Ebelskivers

The Essick Seal of Approval

From the Archives: A Humm-dinger Thank You

When Alex Young was in Mrs. Byerly’s 4th grade class he created Dempsey this beautiful thank you note. We saved it because we were impressed with the shape of the bird’s beak as well as its overall coloration. Move over Dempsey, Artist Alex is coming!


Young Alex

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Family Affair

When their family from Chesapeake, Virginia came to visit, Marshall and Debby Corley brought them in for a visit. This family loves snow and three of Dempsey’s best snow scenes went home with them. Pictured with Dempsey are Debby and Marshall Corley, Bill and Marsha Cumpston and dear lil’ grandmother Evy Beadling.
It caused a snow flurry when these guys came to shop.
P.S. At this writing, they just returned to purchase their FOURTH full size snow scene. All we can say is “Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!”

Danell’s Gift Choice

“I love the Naked Bee line. It’s au natural and I give the lotion to everyone. It makes the perfect Christmas gift,” Daynell P. shared with Jennie Jo on her recent visit. Danell is one of our favorite customers and we only wish that she could be present when we are filming a commercial so you could hear first hand what she has to say about our specialty shop.     (Naked Bee Lotion $5.75)