Friday, August 23, 2013

Octopus for Dinner

A TIP FROM DEARIE: When the BOYS came recently we studied the OCTOPUS and then enjoyed OCTOPUS for dinner. Take a bun length hot dog and leaving room for a head, cut 8 legs with a serrated knife (8 to exact but 6 legs will do).  Add eyes and a mouth. Drop into boiling water (be careful!) and just watch the feet curl upward and a smile form on the mouth. Both 4 year olds enjoy two OCTOPUSES at a meal.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dollywood Here We Come

It was a great week in Pigeon Forge with our two four years olds WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS. We completed all our planned arts and crafts, visited the theme park and spent lots of time at the pool.
Dolly 2
We have to share the good news.

Stringing buttons
Elim and Olin stringing buttons in the hotel lobby.

A 40 Year Search

“I have this same set of dishes,” shared Ruth Keller of Welcome on a recent trip into the shop. “My sister Nora and I have worked to collect these for over 40 years and recently Nora found a piece of Goodwill for only 50 cents. We were delighted. Searching for these dishes has been a source of joy of both of us. ” The girls are shown with Dempsey’s framed thumbnail print entitled “Serenity” which depicts an antique creamer with the rose pattern. These small prints are signed and numbered, framed and come with easel and gift box. 
Sue Lemons
Sue Lemons (Summerfield) with
sisters Nora Young (Oak Ridge) and Ruth Keller