Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Quilter & A Quilt Lover

Dempsey certainly enjoyed visiting with Rosa G. of Asheboro especially when he found out she had a homemade quilt in the car. Dempsey loves quilts and was very impressed with the neat, exact stitching on the split rail fence pattern pictured here. “Seeing this makes me want to paint another quilt, “ Dempsey sighed. Rosa's niece, Margaret G. is avid Essick Art Lover and was responsible for the visit. Thanks Margaret!  

Rosa G, Dempsey, and Rosa's niece Marrgaret G.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Fond Recollection at Christmas Time


Just to send a heartfelt thank you for the lovely “Serenity” and “Tranquility” prints. The first cousins remaining in my maternal grandparents family met on Saturday evening in Alamance County to celebrate the holiday season. We seldom see each other but have fond memories of our grandparents’ old farm, where I grew up just outside of Greensboro. We were all seated in the living room after dinner, when my brother and sister-in-law gave each of us a beautifully wrapped little square. Each of us opened the gift, to find either “Serenity” or “Tranquility.” As you can imagine, there were looks of complete surprise and gasps. We had not seen the little china pattern in years. It was my grandmother and grandfather’s routine every day to have that on the kitchen table and she always made his coffee and used the creamer and pitcher and a cup and saucer--not a lot of pieces of it, even then. I must say that I cried because this was the first cup I ever had “coffee” out of. It was really cow’s milk with just a little bit of coffee so that I could be “big” and sit at the table with my “Papa” before he went outside to work on the farm. My grandmother cherished those dishes and she had very little. They lived a meager but very happy existence and we have such wonderful memories. Your artwork brought a flood of memories and wonderful conversation. ( With permission from Pamela F.)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Youngest Collector

Sweet lil’ Elli McKinley C. is pictured here with her very own Dempsey Essick Art. Dempsey personalized the crayon box in the print with her birth information and now the picture hangs opposite her crib. Eli was born prematurely but has made up for lost time and is doing great. She made a special trip to the gallery recently to see here favorite artist. “She is my youngest collector,” Dempsey shared, “ as this art was selected for her before she was even born.”
Childers 2


Childers Eli

Childers 3

A Christmas Coincidence

“And this is a gift for my friend Andrea,” Susan I. shared at the front counter today and low and behold up walks Andrea B.who was shopping in the gallery and overheard her name.  Neither knew the other was present.  Thankfully Andrea did not see what her good friend Susan had selected for her.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ebel Who? Skiver What?

Yes, it was ebelskivers that we served at Christmas Open House. (Ebelskivers are tiny homemade pancakes and ours were stuffed with cooked apples.) They were made by Sherry Smith and she would be delighted to fill your order. A variety of flavors and fillings are available. Ask her about the Red Velvet ebelskivers.
Aunt Sherry’s Gourmet Ebelskivers

The Essick Seal of Approval

From the Archives: A Humm-dinger Thank You

When Alex Young was in Mrs. Byerly’s 4th grade class he created Dempsey this beautiful thank you note. We saved it because we were impressed with the shape of the bird’s beak as well as its overall coloration. Move over Dempsey, Artist Alex is coming!


Young Alex

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Family Affair

When their family from Chesapeake, Virginia came to visit, Marshall and Debby Corley brought them in for a visit. This family loves snow and three of Dempsey’s best snow scenes went home with them. Pictured with Dempsey are Debby and Marshall Corley, Bill and Marsha Cumpston and dear lil’ grandmother Evy Beadling.
It caused a snow flurry when these guys came to shop.
P.S. At this writing, they just returned to purchase their FOURTH full size snow scene. All we can say is “Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!”

Danell’s Gift Choice

“I love the Naked Bee line. It’s au natural and I give the lotion to everyone. It makes the perfect Christmas gift,” Daynell P. shared with Jennie Jo on her recent visit. Danell is one of our favorite customers and we only wish that she could be present when we are filming a commercial so you could hear first hand what she has to say about our specialty shop.     (Naked Bee Lotion $5.75)


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hanging On to Scrap Paper

Wynn Snider came into the shop today clutching a crumbled piece of newspaper and was elated to find that she could get the art work pictured in the ad. “I have held on to the clipping for 9 months knowing that my mom wanted this print and now I have the opportunity to give it to her.  Wynn’s mom, Judy,  recently suffered a near death experience and the family is so thankful that she will here be here to celebrate Christmas. We think Wynn is an exceptional daughter who loves her mom a lot.
Dempsey shows Wynn the hidden hummer.
The scrap paper was wrinkled and worn.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to Shelley’s Chatter

Welcome to my blog. I will be sharing news from Dempsey’s Place- recent visitors, interesting comments, new gift items, latest projects and such. Please check back from time to time to see what’s going on in Downtown Welcome.

Dempsey on the Tube

It was great publicity when WGHP-TV8 interviewed Dempsey about our new print, “The Old House” and premiered our new gift items. This was done to promote the Roy’s Folks Craft Show on Nov 16 & 17 (Fri 7-6 and Sat 10 –3) at the Oak Hollow Mall in High Point. Brad Jones is such a gentleman and Cindy Farmer is far more beautiful in person than on TV. 

Brad Jones
Dempsey and Brad share a laugh.
Cindy Farmer
Cindy loved Dempsey's snowman image.

A Nice Surprise

Charlie N. made his wife Linda smile when he surprised her with a copy of “Spring Fling”. Charlie frequently gifts Linda with Essick items for special occasions. Linda loves it and Dempsey loves it too.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wrap Watches are Hot

Michelle Robertson, our rep for the Winston Salem Journal, enjoyed purchasing a wrap watch on her recent visit to the shop.  We weren’t sure if she was really here to sell advertising or to see the jewelry, scarves and purses in the newly added ladies’ section. (Wrap Watch $14)

Michelle Disher

The Charleston Touch

We're "southern" to the core and so we love Dempsey's art and the special places and things he depicts in his paintings. We have his art throughout our old farmhouse and we are especially drawn to his Charleston series. My husband and I love Charleston and when Dempsey came out with those beautiful paintings, we definitely had to have them. We spent our 25th wedding anniversary there several years ago and since then its been our favorite destination. We introduced our son and daughter-in-law to Charleston and now that they're getting ready to move there we will definitely be spending more time there, “ shared Pam H.

The Charleston Touch
                  Wings I & I and Charleston Stroll are in our bedroom

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wendy’s Boot

“I didn’t have to go far when I wanted to get ideas for a trendy shoe painting. I stepped next door to nail designer Wendy Queen’s shop and studied her collection of tiny heels, sandals, clogs, and boots. She has collected for years and I found just want I wanted. I hope this painting will be the first in a series,” Dempsey said.

Perfect to sit on your desk, hang on your bathroom mirror, or can be used as a magnet,  Dempsey’s pinkie painting of an animal print boot which will add a touch of glamour wherever it’s placed. ($12)
Dempsey shows Wendy the finished product.
Donnie Roberts/The Dispatch
It stands, hangs and is a magnet as well.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dressing Up With “Cherry Picking Good”

“I know my kitchen wallpaper border is busy but Dempsey’s print of  'Cherry Picking Good' just seemed to compliment it. I love the dark background in the print contrasted with the vibrant color of the cherries,” shared Gerrie E. 


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Bloody Nurse and a Prissy Peacock

A Bloody Nurse and a Prissy Peacock surprised Dempsey on Halloween and thankfully he had candy corn on hand to satisfy their sweet tooth. We think Dempsey should have dressed up like a hummingbird….maybe next year.
Wendy the Nurse, Dempsey the Artist,
& Courtney the Peacock

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shades of Blue

We had to make this photograph at Fall Open House of Patti, Helena, and Dempsey who each seemed to compliment the other. We really never know what Helena will turn up wearing and are always pleasantly surprised.
Patti Bates, Helena Reaves & Dempsey Essick

Our Door Prize Winner

Congratulations to Zelda Nichols of Southmont, the door prize winner of our 3 day Open House. Zelda won  a wreath, coordinating mail wrap, stain glass decal, and hummingbird sign, as well as an Essick small framed print and matching ornament. Zelda took the wrong exit and ended up at our event quite by accident but we think it was just meant to be.

Dempsey points out the prizes to Zelda

Your Favorite Scarf

Audrey Edwards came in not to buy our most popular scarf but wearing it. This animal print accessory comes in browns, blacks, blues and greens. It is lightweight, airy and you are guaranteed to love it best. “When I open the drawer, this is the scarf I reach for. I wear mine all the time.” ($13.50)
Audrey and Scarf
Animal Print
Items in our ladies' section

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Ever Popular Animal Print

At any time during Open House animal prints could be seen in the shop. Seemingly always popular, these prints are at their peak now in fashion.

Helena, Shelley, Pat & Leesa

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Good Use of Your Cell Phone

Cell Phone Order
Dama shows Dempsey the tiny image on her cell.
When Dama Potts came in to get an Essick puzzle framed she saw Dempsey’s new print, “The Old Place”.  On her way out she made a picture of it with her cell phone. Minutes later she returned to the gallery to place an order. “I texted that picture to Jeff and even from that tiny image he loved it. I’m back to order a copy for him and one for our son Tanner.”

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Touching Story

Kathy fell in love with our Ruby's Daylily I & II
Hi Mr. Essick!
     I have a “Hummer” story to tell….my mother has always LOVED hummingbirds.  She could sit and watch them feed and flit and fly and dive and swoop for hours on end, if time allowed.  She had a huge trumpet vine beside her back deck that my stepdad had planted for her (he passed away in ’09) where she could sit and enjoy the birds.  Well, Mom passed away on July 23, and my sister and I and our families were overcome with grief at losing someone who had meant the whole world to us, but as we planned her funeral, we tried as much as we could to make it a celebration of her life and the things that she loved.  So we ordered a back panel for her coffin that had an embroidered hummingbird on it, and had hummingbirds etched onto her vault, and ordered a grave marker with a hummingbird on it.  We knew she would have loved it. 
Now, at my house, I always have hummingbirds.  I keep feeders out and plant flowers that they like, but my daughter and my sister have never seen hummingbirds, except at Mom’s house.  On the morning of the funeral, my daughter opened her front door to leave the house, and a hummingbird hovered at the door for a very long time, and even when she opened the door and went out, it lingered in the yard until she left. It has remained, even though previously there were no flowers or feeders anywhere nearby.  (there are now feeders!)
A couple of hours later, as we arrived at the cemetery, the lady who assisted us with the graveside arrangements kept looking at me throughout the service like she REALLY needed to speak to me, and sure enough, as soon as the service was over, she came to me to tell me that just as we got out of our car at the cemetery, two hummingbirds flitted around in the tent, and remained there until we walked up. She said that as the service was going on, she could hear the birds nearby.  They hadn’t flown away, they were just waiting…..and sure enough, as everyone left and I was the only one remaining at the graveside, the two birds returned and stayed with me a while, flitting all around. 
I personally believe that this was our Lord trying to give us comfort that we needed.  And while I have always enjoyed hummingbirds, they now have a new meaning for me.
Kathy Link (shared by permission)

Recent Visitors

Hannah fell in love with "The Wisemen"
Dempsey shows his tiny ornaments to Shannon & Barbara
     Visitors to the shop lately included 4th grader Hannah G who was working on her Know Your County Project for Sheets Memorial School. When asked which was her favorite Essick painting, she readily pointed to “The Three Wisemen”. Hannah enjoyed looking for and locating the hidden hummer in the watercolor painting.
     Shannon Dickerson, a senior at NDSH, came in to critique Dempsey’s work in preparation to complete an assigned art analysis. Dempsey was delighted to meet Shannon and Grandmother Barbara Etheridge.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Remembering Aunt Rena

 4 Springtime at Irena's II 

“I am a great niece of Irena McCormick, whose home was depicted in your painting of "Springtime at Irena's".  We knew her only as Aunt Rena when we visited her at Covesville, Va.  My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Tommy McCormick rented a small home at Covehill Farm down the road where Aunt Rena lived.  She was the sister of my grandmother, Linnie Agnes Berry Shipp, and we usually visited Covesville during the summer months. My husband and I rediscovered Aunt Rena's home on a trip to visit Monticello recently. The house is now painted gray and is not quite as well kept as when Aunt Rena had it, but I am eternally grateful to you for the memory of her home that you have preserved through your prints and the information about her on your website.”
Thank you,
Linnie Shipp Donahue
(shared with permission)

Dempsey Visits the Workshop

6 Workshop of Dav Co.

Dempsey visited the Workshop of Davidson County recently and helped the adult students with their art projects. “They loved me being there but I loved it more. They are so enthusiastic and eager to learn,” Dempsey shared. Their art was sold at an Art From the Heart fundraising dinner last month where Dempsey was the guest speaker.

Dempsey Captures Beth Leonard's Talent

2 D B & Can 2 Card Front Zinnia Beth Leonard’s greenhouse is the ‘go to’ spot in Welcome. Beth is best known for bedding plants, geraniums and ferns but she offers so much more. She mixes her own potting soil, creates funeral baskets, and her succulent dish gardens are a must have... Ninety eight percent of what Beth offers she grows herself. Dempsey has recently created a beautiful painting featuring an assortment of Beth’s zinnias with an old 1940’s watering can (a hand me down from Beth’s mom), a faded garden sign, and two visiting goldfinches.