Thursday, December 10, 2015

Two Guys and a Puzzle or Don't Go to Pieces!

How many men does it take to work one B.A.S.S. puzzle? Obviously 2 if you ask ROY GARDNER and DEMPSEY ESSICK. Roy brought the completed B.A.S.S. Corner puzzle in to be signed and framed but Dempsey dropped the puzzle while carrying it to the framing room. Nothing would do but for the artist to re-work Roy's puzzle. Roy was very pleased to have a puzzle painted by Dempsey, signed by Dempsey, framed by Dempsey and even worked by Dempsey!
Dempsey signs Roy's B.A.S.S. Corner puzzle.


"If I can paint it, I ought to be able to work it!" Dempsey shared.

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